Dr. Damla Til Öğüt is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology. She earned her undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology from Koç University, her master’s degree in Psychological Therapies from Queen Mary University of London and her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology. She has extensive clinical experience as she has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families from a wide range of socio-cultural backgrounds in the United Kingdom, in Turkey, and in the US. She has also taught a broad variety of undergraduate and graduate psychology courses at Işık University and Koç University.

Currently, Dr. Damla Til Öğüt serves as a psychotherapist, working with children, adolescents and adults at LEA KLINIK in Istanbul, Turkey. She also serves as a clinical supervisor for psychotherapists and graduate-level clinicians, she teaches undergraduate and graduate level psychology classes, and she is providing trainings and seminars for parents, educators, and psychologists in the field. ➟ Read more…


In this video, Dr. Damla Til Ogut is providing valuable insight on how to talk to children about divorce and how to parent effectively throughout the process of divorce.

Interviewer: Nida Nur Çebi
Speaker: Damla Til Öğüt

This book was published by Varlik Yayinlari in 2022. Besides being the editor, Dr. Damla Til Ogut wrote one of the chapters: Divorce and Children. In this chapter, she provided a roadmap for families and professionals with regards to how to talk about parental divorce with children as well as what to do and what not to do to buffer children from the potentially adverse consequences of parental divorce